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Planning Applications: Minor Schemes

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Each week Kingston Council publishes a list of new Planning Applications. We sift through this list and comment on the ones that we think are significant. 

The weekly planning lists can be found on the Kingston Council website at

Significant schemes that are of smaller size that the 'Major schemes' are listed below.
Kindly contact the editor if you see any errors or omissions: 

The Minor Schemes:

University river source heat pump Bentall Centre - New cinema
Chessington World of Adventures - Segway track 7-13 Coombe Road
  11 - 13 Thames Street
Blagdon Road Car Park Gough House
Gems Primary Academy Eden House
All Saints and Kingston Museum project 5-29 Coombe Road
St George’s Square Tower Car park, 40 Cowleaze Road
Beaufort Road and Fassett Road
Dock for Royal Barge Gloriana  

Kingston University river source heat pump, Kingston

Oct 2017: Planning application
Jul - Sep 2017: Public Consultation,

Installation of a River Source Heat Pump system for the heating of Penrhyn Road University Campus. Within the Kingston Old Town conservation area. A heat exchange unit located in River House will draw water from the River Thames.
The first Inlet option proposes to construct a new fixed jetty parallel to the riverbank and opposite River House. The jetty would be 8 x 5.5 metres and constructed from timber. In both cases the intake pipes would be located below the new structures.
The second Inlet option would attach the intake pipes to an extension on the north end of the existing [Turks] pier. The pipework will be laid in Woodbines Avenue & portsmith road and residents have been consulted about this. The payback time is likely to be 20-25 years.  

The Society has asked Andrew Gill of Kingston University to comment on the effect on the river environment and the effect on road traffic likely to be caused by associated boring works.

17/10289 Chessington World of Adventures - Segway track.  

Jul 2017: Planning application

A planning application (15/10324/FUL) was submitted in 2015 and planning consent was obtained for a High Ropes facility next to the 60 acre wood to the west of the Park. As an add-on to this they now propose the “Creation of Segway track, erection of secure storage hut and provision of associated landscape works”.

The Society is neutral on this.

Blagdon Road Car Park, New Malden

Sep 2016: The Society was consulted, no application yet

The proposal included 96 new homes; 250 car parking spaces to include public car parking across three levels to minimise the impact to on-street parking; Provision for the storage of over 100 bicycles; High quality community amenity space for residents, as well as retaining the existing retail and leisure spaces on the ground floor; Aesthetic and safety changes to the car park access & exit.

In September 2016 the Society could not support this.

16/13245 Gems Primary Academy, High Street Kingston

Sep 2017: Planning application approved

Demolition of existing buildings and re-development to provide a part 3, part 4-part 5 storey building with basement to accommodate a 2FE primary school (420 pupils) and 11 residential apartments within the Kingston Old Town conservation area.

The Society supported this in March 2017. In our view it has the makings of a good and sensitive scheme. The aim to express the school and housing on the High Street façade has a natural logic and, very importantly, maintains the character of the High Street setting. To the rear the merge of the residential style and scale with the academia is a good attempt to be sensitive to the cottages behind. It is further enhanced by the articulation as the forms step along the angled boundary

All Saints and Kingston Museum project, Kingston

Jun 2017: Project approved at council

The £8 million project includes a proposal to re-site the Coronation Stone from its current position outside the Guildhall to the grounds of the church, close to its original home. It will also include an interpretation room with an audio-visual guide to the church and will promote and develop it as a historical resource for schools; Visitor Information, and health services.

The Society applauds the ideas & the initiative behind this proposal which should further promote understanding and enjoyment of this Borough’s rich heritage for both residents and visitors.
We look forward to being consulted at the various stages of its evolution to ensure that the proposed new building will complement the setting of our Grade 1 Listed All Saints Church, and that the work at Kingston Museum will be in keeping with its Grade 2 listing.

St George’s Square Tower, New Malden  

There is nothing to report.


St. Mary the Virgin Church, Chessington.  

Jan 2017: Backgound, no application yet.

The YMCA has been discussing acquiring the St Mary’s Centre site with RBK and representatives from St Mary’s church over the past few months, in the light of the proposed rent increase and associated maintenance costs for the centre.
The ambition is to provide a brand new community centre, together with 31 affordable homes for local people. RBK has now agreed that YMCA LSW may take over the lease. However, there’s a long way to go before anything is finalised. 

The Society will investigate further.  

17/12527: The Bentall Centre - New cinema and elevation improvements

Sep 2017: Planning application approved

Creation of a cinema at second and third floor level with glazed extension and terrace at roof level incorporating change of use of shop and mall space to leisure and from crèche to mall at second floor level. Works to Clarence Street façade including provision of new glazing and associated alternations. There is a listed building present on this site.

The Society has no objections to this proposal.


Recent Decisions & Other


17/12114: 7-13 Coombe Road (Golf Shop), Kingston

Jun 2017 ?: Planning application approved

Demolition of existing retail building and dwellings and erection of a part three-part four storey building to provide 5 x 2 bedroom apartments and 26 serviced apartments with rear parking.

The Society supported this in April 2017.  It is, in our opinion a sensible and well designed development which will enhance the character of the area

The council initially were not in favour of the serviced appartment idea, but this has now been approved.

17/12089: 11 - 13 Thames Street ( formerly WHSmith ), Kingston

Feb 2017: Planning application

Partial demolition of 11-13 Thames Street with retention of the Listed facade and reconstruction of a six storey building with retail at ground floor level and 27 residential units above. Within the Kingston Old Town conservation area. There is a listed building present on this site.

The above planning application is of great concern to the Society. The proposal for a double height at Ground floor is out of scale with pedestrians who may use this route to the river, which is clearly seen in the CGI of this road ie Bishops Hall.The plans for a 5 storey development above the double height ground floors is completely out of keeping with all the surrounding small scale historic buildings in the town centre Conservation Area diminishing its historic character & importance, a matter which is echoed in guidance on new development in conservation areas within the NPPF. In particular, the incongruous dark structure that looms way over the carpark to the west, extending beyond what any conventional structure would support. It has the appearance of an ugly tumour growing on the side of the rest of the building. It is not in keeping with the rest of the construction & is awkward, unresolved & the suggested cladding materials are alien to an important location close to the river & would be seen from the opposite bank alongside Home Park. Finally, there would be no visual amenity whatsoever to be enjoyed by residents of this block because on the one side, the flats all overlook a messy service yard & the RBS staff car, & on the other side new residents would enjoy an even more grim outlook over a series of bins, air cooling units & rubbish. Hardly views which would bring enjoyment to anybody. The Society objects strongly to this Application & hopes that the Council will refuse it planning permission.

This application will be considered by the Development Control Committee at the Guildhall, on 06/12/2017 commencing at 19:30hrs.


16/13280: Gough House, Eden street, Kingston

Feb 2017: Planning application

Demolition of existing building and Erection of an eight storey mixed use building accommodating 1,620sqm of retail floorspace and 40 flats with associated amenity space and car park to rear and on land of Gough House.

The Society did not oppose this in March 2017. Although we are sad to see one of the most attractive small buildings in the borough demolished we understand the commercial reasons for doing so. In the light of adjacent high developments we cannot object to the height. The design and treatment of the facades are appropriate to the area and of a reasonable architectural quality.
We have some reservations about the treatment of the entrance which we feel could be stronger and not open in character and you might like to discuss this with the architect.

This will be considered by the Development Control Committee at the Guildhall, on 06/12/2017 commencing at 19:30hrs.

17/12123: Eden House 62-68 Eden Street, Kingston

Feb 2017: Planning application

Variation to Planning Permission 16/12130/FUL - Variation to planning permission 15/12343/FUL Demolition of the existing retail/office building and redevelopment of the site to provide a mixed use building with retail (Class A1)/financial & professional services (Class A2) / cafe or restaurant (Class A3) use on the ground and basement levels and 39 apartments (Class C3) from the first to the sixth floor, together with ground floor level accessible car parking 

The Society made no comment

17/14178: Development Land At 5-29 Coombe Road, New Malden

Sep 2017: Planning application

Demolition of existing buildings. Erection of a 3-5 storey building and a 6-7 storey building providing 748sqm of retail and 329sqm of office space at ground floor level, 80 flats and 5 No 2-3 storey town houses with associated amenity space and basement parking

The Society supported this in March 2017.We are particularly pleased at the efforts made to present a façade to Coombe Road that is varied in height and massing which, we believe, will make a valuable contribution to the townscape.  

15/12280: Car park, 40 Cowleaze Road, Kingston

Oct 2015: Planning application approved

Redevelopment of site and erection of part 4, part 5 storey building to provide 26 residential units

The Society has previously written to the applicant welcoming the proposal to provide affordable housing. The type of accommodation proposed was though to be a good use of an under-used site close to Kingston Station. The overall design is attractive and offers decent accommodation within an area of mixed building styles with no overriding character. The proposed sales policy favouring those in greatest need, offering discounted sales and prioritising first time buyers currently living and working in the Borough, is welcomed. The Society welcomes this application to provide affordable accommodation on brown-field land aimed at meeting the needs to local people. The overall bulk of the building appears reasonable in this context and the proposed choice of red brick as the principal building material, would relate well to existing buildings nearby. The Council is asked to seek confirmation of the maintenance regime to ensure that the common areas are properly maintained and the landscaped areas are kept attractive and free of litter.  

15/12107: 18-32 and 23-43 Beaufort Road and Fassett Road, Kingston

Mar 2017: Planning application appeal allowed 

Demolition of 20-30 Beaufort Road and hotel buildings to rear. Retention of 18 and 32 Beaufort Road and 23-43 Fassett Road and erection of two/three storey terraces of 12 and 4 houses fronting Beaufort Road and three/four storey building to rear to provide a total of 19 houses and 60 flats, together with basement and surface car parking and landscaping.Within the Grove Crescent conservation area.

This is a major application for development within the Grove Crescent conservation area. With the development of further hotel accommodation in the town centre the loss of the Antoinette Hotel, in itself, is perhaps acceptable, especially as the intention is to return the site to its original residential use. The proposal is however very dense, particularly with a 4-storey block of flats in the centre of the site.

The designs of the new and restored buildings on the two principal roads are unexceptional and while they recognise the context of the conservation area they are also too dense, particularly along Beaufort Road which currently has a number of fine detached houses which would be replaced by a terrace.

There appears to be an excessive number of parking spaces with 108 spaces serving 79 dwellings. There is also a discrepancy in the number of existing parking spaces mentioned; the application states there are 100, while the transport impact report refers to133.
The Society raises no objections of principle to the change of use of the existing hotel site to residential. We do have serious concerns regarding the overall density of the development and in particular we object to the 4-storey flats in the centre of the site (that will surely impact on the amenity of the housing on either side) and to the proposals for Beaufort Road which replaces several separate buildings with one large terrace. Furthermore the amount of car parking planned seems excessive for the number of dwellings. Should the Council decide to grant consent to this or any modified application, contributions to support, health, education and social services, additional to fulfilling the Council’s affordable housing requirements, will be necessary in mitigation.

Dock for Royal Barge Gloriana, Riverside, Kingston  

No news.